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We want the couple who thinks they're awkward in front of cameras. We want the nervous couple, who can't stop anxiously laughing during their portraits. We want the couple who wholeheartedly trusts us to tell their story. We want the bride who can't wait to marry her fiancé. We want the groom who doesn't know what to do with his hands. 

Above all, our number one goal is to be friends with each of our couples. The better friends we become, the more comfortable you two will feel on your wedding day. When you book us, you'll be able to ignore the cameras so you can focus on each other and actually enjoy your wedding day. 

Because we focus heavily on building a strong friendship with our couples, we take only 15 weddings each year.

Reach out to us, tell us your story, and we'll respond to you soon! 

In the mean time, let's become friends on the Internet!

- Matt & Erin,

Lother Co.

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