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Photography and videography for lovers and loved ones.

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With us, you'll never be alone. On your wedding day we will be so much more than your photographer and videographer. We are your friends, your counselors, your problem solvers, and your confidants. We're not cookie cutter. We're not hands off. We're here to support you and give you the wedding day you deserve. Whether it’s making you feel super comfortable in front of the camera despite how awkward you usually feel or helping you create a day-of schedule that'll keep you free from stress, we can promise you this: We're with you.

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"Erin’s ability to convey our story through pictures was flawless. Every photo was as impactful as the one before it. She took the time to talk with us prior to our day to ensure that no details would be missed, and it’s safe to say she nailed it. She started out as our photographer and now she feels more like a friend. Her eye for the art will not disappoint. My wife and I look forward to looking at the images she created for a lifetime. We couldn’t be happier." - Jason


We want the couple who thinks they're awkward in front of cameras. We want the nervous couple, who can't stop anxiously laughing during their portraits. We want the couple who wholeheartedly trusts us to tell their story. We want the bride who can't wait to marry her fiancé. We want the groom who doesn't know what to do with his hands. 


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